Counted cross stitch

p8120134-1.jpgThe counted cross stitch technique is believed to date from 850 AD and to originate from Central Asia, where it is still widespread, but it is the Middle Ages that its real history begins. Indeed, during endless waits, ladies od the castles used the counted cross stitch technique to recreate the designs of carpets brought back from the East by their husbands.

During the Renaissance, the cross stitch technique spread throughout Europe and became one of the bases of female education. It is at this time that the Sampler, a piece of fabric used by young ladies to practice embroidery, was born. The first printed cross stitch patterns began circulating in 1500.

This cross shaped stitch technique is executed on a blank canvas by counting stitches one by one both on a diagram and on the canvas, hence its name.

This technique allows you to create decorative pieces for framing,  decorative boxes and bookmarks and to decorate towels, tea towels and tablecloths on a variety of canvasses.

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