Needle painting embroidery

fotolia-31320187-xs-2.jpgOriginating in the Far East, needle painting  is a technique of embroidery art, using silk thread, whose history goes back to the Zhou Dynasty, Jiangu province of China (771BC).

This ancient embroidery technique peaked between in the XVth to the XVIIIth century, particulary in Italy where painters drew scenes to be executed in needle painting. The execution of the work was pushed to a very high level of perfection.

The needle painting embroidery technique is still used nowadays in haute couture.

This embroidery technique was designed to reproduce images to the greatest precision. Beautiful needle painting embroidery pieces mainly result from the use of irregular stitches overlapping each other. Depending on the shape of the patterns, stitches change direction and play with colors to reveal full and hollow areas as well as lights and shadows. Depending on its direction, a single coloured thread can produce a variety of shades.

This embroidery displayed in the above picture was realized on stretched fabric -using an embroidery hoop or a loom- and its stitches were created with a single strand of thread.

The works presented on this website are hand embroidered on linen with DMC thread.


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